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Reed City Tool Invests in Machinery December 22, 2016

This past November, we purchased a New Sodick Sinker EDM Machine and New Sodick Wire EDM Machine that will add to fulfilling our customer’s needs. This investment will increase both the quality and timing of which our work can be performed.

Sodick AG80L Sinker EDM


The AG80L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The AG80L is a precision machining solution for large sized aerospace, energy related parts, die/molds that require close tolerances, fine surface finishes and deep rib machining. The AG80L features simplified control mechanisms which provide a direct link between the drive and control. This ensures the fastest possible servo response time possible and optimal spark gaps at all times. The automatic three sided vertically sliding drop tank enables large workpieces to be easily loaded and unloaded.
Axis Travel: 33.46’X, 20.47”Y, 16.54Z
Work Table: 43.31” x 27.56”

Sodick VL400Q Advanced Wire EDM


The VL400Q Wire EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The VL Series is an advanced line of performance Wire EDMs that builds on the technologies of the SL series.  The medium sized VL400Q is well-suited for a wide range of machining applications.

Axis Travel: 15.75”X, 11.81”Y, 8.66”Z, 3.15”x3.15”U,V

Work Tank: 33.85:x27.16”


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