Press Manufacturing

Press Manufacturing

Precision presses for embossed garage door and steel shingle panel manufacturers

The workhorses of the industry

Reed City Tool’s precision hydraulic presses are reliable, compact, and fast, built for highly repeatable manufacturing processes with safe automation and minimum downtime. Our veteran team delivers on time and provides support service long after the sale has been made.

Each of our presses is designed, manufactured, assembled, programmed and tested here in our expanding facilities in Reed City, Michigan, ensuring quality workmanship from concept to field maintenance.

Well known in the residential garage and steel shingle panel manufacturing industries, we are the leading global supplier of hydraulic presses and embossing dies for these markets. Our quick die change automation technology, attention to quality and customer service have helped our customers — key players in these industries — remain competitive.

With cycle times as low as 1 second per cycle in our 320 ton presses, our garage door and shingle panel manufacturing systems are the fastest in the marketplace today.

Watch our Engineering Manager Bruce Killingbeck explain how our unique die change unit automates the die change process down to two minutes. The customizable system can be easily integrated into existing Reed City Tool presses and made to accommodate up to eight dies and dozens of die changes per day.

Company News

Company News

Nathan Killingbeck receives Apprenticeship Certificate

May 26, 2017

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Norm Williams retires after 38 years

May 26, 2017

After 38 years of service, we would like to congratulate Norm Williams on his retirement. Norm started his employment a… Read More

Going Green, with new LED’s

March 22, 2017

We have made an investment in our facility’s lighting framework. After pairing with Energeia Consultants, all ligh… Read More

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