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Under our roof, precision mold building meets a limitless range of tooling and molding resources, and our facilities are expanding. From steel hydraulic presses to plastic part prototyping, we offer unlimited possibilities, meticulous quality, and responsive service long after the transaction is complete.

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Reed City Tool Expertise

Our Expertise

In-house injection mold processing, short runs, extensive plastic material knowledge, part assembly, shipping logistics management — Reed City Tool is prepared for your organization's production challenges.

We’re built to increase your product quality, and your bottom line.

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Reed City Tool Expertise
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Company News

Company News

Brandon Starkey receives Apprenticeship Certification

September 15, 2016

Brandon Starkey receives Apprenticeship Certification

Brandon was a graduate of Pine River High School in 2012.  Af… Read More

Reed City Tool’s New Ad

April 14, 2016

Reed City Tool, Inc’s new full page ad.

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High Quality Starts at the Top at Reed City Tool

December 11, 2014

Here at Reed City Tool, we’ve learned that mastering any process is the only way to ensure our customers get the be… Read More

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